Student Perspectives: Seth Becker

Seth Becker, second year MFA student, shares with us his Studio School experience.  Join us for our 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Opening Wednesday, May 17, 6-9pm. 


When I started at the Studio School I had been painting on my own for a year. My work was stifled by repetition at a level of involvement where—isolated from other artists— I was unable to really see what I was creating.

By the end of my first semester, my painting moved forward at a pace I could not have predicted—both formally and in its content. An artist is his or her own worst enemy. In countless fruitful conversations under Graham’s searching eye, I discovered I didn’t have to deal with myself by myself. What I had found was something invaluable to any artist: I had found a community. Surrounded by so many artists strategizing their way out of similar issues, I learned quickly how to do it myself. In my last semester, I carry this with me wherever I go, in conversations with peers, over stress induced Lazy Hustlers at Evas or at the Met when conversation calls for historical or spiritual precedent.

Kevin's House 12x12 OIl on panel 2016

Seth Becker, Kevin’s House, 12×12 inches, oil on panel, 2016

Growing up as an art student and a New Yorker, I walked past the New York Studio School countless times. Occasionally, I ventured in. There is a tangible weight to the quality of the building. It settled like stand oil. It creaks and breathes in all the right places, and has a genuine urgency. It drew me in and with all its nostalgia and spit me out prepared for a life full of painting. When my time as a student ends, I know I will miss it enormously, but I know I wont be missing it alone.

Self Portrait with Bodega Horse 14x11 oil on masonite 2016

Seth Becker, Self Portrait with Bodega Horse, 14×11 inches, oil on masonite, 2016


Wall of works in Seth Becker’s Studio

Outside-In 64x48 oil on canvas 2017

Seth Becker, Outside-In, 64×48 inches, oil on canvas, 2017

Toby 9x12 oil on masonite 2016

Seth Becker, Toby, 9×12 inches, oil on masonite, 2016


Seth Becker in his Studio at the New York Studio School.

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